Supply Chain

Supply Chain Logistics

XPO introduces GXO as a pure-play logistics company for our spin-off.

A leader in North America and worldwide

When it comes to choosing a logistics partner, industry-specific knowledge, technology, scale and scope of services are all important considerations. XPO has decades of experience in providing safe, efficient contract logistics for B2B and B2C goods: apparel, cosmetics, consumer electronics, food and beverages, appliances, consumer packaged goods, furniture, aerospace parts, chemicals, medical equipment and more. Our e-commerce solutions utilize our digital ecosystem to manage seasonal surges and special fulfillment processes, like order personalization. We also provide kitting, packaging and other high-value-add services, including end-to-end reverse logistics management of merchandise returns. 


Tell us your most challenging logistic requirements, and we'll engineer sophisticated solutions using our intelligent technologies. Your entire supply chain will benefit from partnering with XPO. 

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Advanced Automation and Analytics

Our solutions are highly customized, integrating AI and machine learning for continuous improvement. 


Our focus is on robotics, autonomous vehicles, automated sortation systems, drones and other cutting-edge technologies that speed goods through the supply chain. We integrate these technologies as needed for each solution using our proprietary WMx platform. Once startup is complete, our managers use XPO Smart™ labor analytics to optimize productivity. 


We're equally invested in data science and machine learning. For example, we've developed predictive analytics for demand forecasting, and other sophisticated BI analytics and customized KPIs. WMx is the command center – it accelerates logistics start-ups and adapts automation as requirements change.

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XPO Direct™ warehouse space

XPO Direct™

Now shippers in North America have a flexible, variable-cost distribution solution with critical mass.


XPO Direct™ is a network of strategically placed XPO stockholding sites, cross-docks and last mile hubs used by multiple shippers at the same time. This solution is ideal for retailers, e-commerce companies and manufacturers – it can position and reposition inventories within two-day ground transportation to the vast majority of the US population. XPO Direct™ is an agile, cost-effective strategy for responding to the challenges of seasonality and changes in buyer behavior: 


  • First “Fulfillment as a Service” (FaaS) model of its kind in the industry
  • Offers consistent, national solutions at scale
  • Provides warehouse space, labor and technology when and where it’s needed
  • Shortens order-to-delivery time to end-customers and to retail stores for replenishment
  • Generates one last mile tracking number for end-to-end visibility of heavy goods
  • Supported by other XPO services and capacity
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Industries Served

Aerospace and Government

We have state-of the-art logistics infrastructure for the receipt, storage and shipping of government-owned property and classified materials. AS9100 and AS912-certified, DLA and DCAA-compliant.


We create custom solutions for agribusiness storage, handling, packaging, distribution, raw materials testing and direct-to-farm delivery. Certified for FDA, EPA, BRC, AIB, USDA and GMP.


We use Lean methodologies, advanced automation and robotics that can dramatically increase efficiency, speed delivery and reduce your costs. You’ll have visibility from supplier to end user.


We have expertise in the safe manufacturing, packaging, storing and shipping of basic and specialty chemical products. Our warehouses comply with EPA, USDA, FDA, BRC, AIB and GMP.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Our turnkey solutions deliver consistent results across national and multinational markets: high-volume warehousing and distribution, reverse logistics and omnichannel fulfillment.

Food and Beverage

We manage reverse logistics, omnichannel fulfillment, recalls, code tracking, mixing and packaging of frozen, refrigerated and dry goods. CRF 21 Part II FDA, EPA, USDA, AIB and Kosher compliant.


We’re experienced in critical parts fulfillment, temperature-controlled environments and CFR FDA Title 21 compliance. Our technology provides rigorous visibility of inventory, parts, orders and expirations.


Our ISO-certified quality management system streamlines inbound material flows, facilitates parts distribution, manages reverse logistics and reduces inventories of raw materials to lower your costs.

Omnichannel and E-Commerce

We deliver a consistently superior consumer experience that builds loyalty and protects your brand. You’ll leverage our footprint, warehouses, transportation capacity, labor and advanced automation.


We can integrate direct-to-consumer and retail fulfillment with distribution and returns management, OEM-certified repairs, warranty adjudication, product disposition and payment processing.

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Other Key Services

Aftermarket Support

We’ll leverage our scale, expertise and technology to manage your aftermarket logistics for optimal service and stock levels, enhancing uptime and improving customer retention.

Lead Logistics

As your lead logistics provider, we’ll designate a single point of contact to oversee daily activities and serve as your company’s advocate in managing service providers.

Manufacturing Support

We can manage all aspects of your inbound logistics: optimizing flows, maximizing space, automating replenishment and regulating inventory through a vendor-managed model.

Public Warehousing

Our public warehousing solution for short or long-term needs shifts from fixed to variable costs with seasonal flexibility, supported by our technology and experienced operators.

Reverse Logistics

We manage inbound receipt, inspection, cleaning and refurbishment, repackaging, return-to-retail or disposal, refunds and warranty management, and forecast future return rates.

Supply Chain Optimization

Our data scientists use a cross-functional technology platform that analyzes inventory patterns and helps formulate strategies for speed-to-market and multichannel management.

Value-Added Services

We provide packaging, co-packing, kitting, bundling, collateral fulfillment, gift-wrapping, channel-specific boxing and labeling, retail compliance, order customizations and displays.


Learn how to protect essential workers during extraordinary times

In January, when we faced COVID-19 at our contract logistics sites in China, a learning process began. We dedicated ourselves to gathering accurate information from health authorities and experts worldwide on how to keep our employees safe. With that as our top priority, we’ve managed to maintain a significantly lower COVID-19 exposure rate than what the community at large has experienced.

We’ve documented the lessons learned along the way in a set of best practices that we’re eager to share with other providers of essential services. We’re confident that the employee protections, risk-mitigation procedures and on-site safety measures we’ve adopted in our facilities around the world will continue to limit the rate of exposure. It’s our hope that the information in this free whitepaper will help others to move forward with the same confidence.