Supply Chain

Supply Chain

XPO is the second largest contract logistics provider worldwide, with approximately 200 million square feet of facility space.

Scale and Experience

When it comes to choosing a logistics partner, industry-specific expertise, technology, engineering, scale and scope of services are all important considerations. XPO manages a wide variety of goods – from apparel, cosmetics, electronics and food, to appliances, furniture, aerospace parts, chemicals, medical equipment and more. 


Our range of services includes contract logistics, highly engineered solutions and high-value-add services, such as kitting, packaging, personalization and reverse logistics. We have efficient processes in place for the management of returned merchandise, including inspection, refurbishment, recycling, disposal, refunding, warranty management and return-to-retail.

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XPO robot arms moving electronics

Advanced Automation

We invest approximately $550 million a year in technology, in large part to fund logistics innovation. 


XPO is deploying industry-leading innovation across our expansive network of warehouses in North America and Europe. Our focus is on robotics, autonomous vehicles, automated sortation systems, drones and other cutting-edge technologies that speed goods through the supply chain.


We're equally invested in big data and machine learning. For example, we've developed predictive analytics that can forecast demand and the future rate of returns by product. Our proprietary warehouse management system accelerates logistics start-ups and adapts automation as needs change.

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XPO Direct™ warehouse space

XPO Direct™

Our shared-space distribution network is a flexible, variable-cost solution for shippers in North America.


XPO Direct™ is a network of strategically placed XPO stockholding sites, cross-docks and last mile hubs that are used by multiple shippers at the same time. The network gives you access to our warehouse space, labor and technology as you need it, to save you a large, fixed-cost investment.


XPO Direct™ positions inventory within two-day ground transportation of the vast majority of the US population. This shortens the order-to-delivery time for e-commerce and industrial shipments, as well as retail store replenishment, supported by our contract logistics, last mile and other services.

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Industries Served

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Other Key Services

We're carefully monitoring the impact of COVID-19 on the supply chain, and are taking every measure to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees, customers and communities. Learn More